Why is Leather Unique?

December 09, 2021 2 min read

Why is Leather Unique?

Leather has been used since ancient times. Animal skins were used to protect humans against the harsh elements of weather and for other purposes. With the introduction of animal husbandry during the Neolithic age there was ample availability of hides. The discovery of the oldest established leather tanning tools were found in ancient Sumer and date back to around 5,000 BCE validates this. Another proof is the discovery of the oldest surviving piece of leather footwear is the Areni-1 shoe that was made in Armenia around 3,500 BCE.  With the advancement of humans more and more uses were found for leather. Leather production is a by-product of the meat industry and is mainly obtained from cows, sheep and goats. It is the best alternative for the disposal of animal hide.
Let us look at the different things that are crafted using leather

Leather for Shoes

As mentioned earlier pieces of leather shoe were found in a cave in Armenia which date back five thousand. Why is leather suitable for crafting footwear? It is easy to cut and shape leather, besides it is light, yet strong and supple and highly comfortable as it is pores just like our skin. Owing to this leather shoes have become extremely popular because of their comfort and durability. Leather is used for creating a variety of footwear right from sandals to boots. The most common leather that goes into making leather footwear is cow hide. Suede is also favoured for shoes owing to the softness and comfort it offers.

Leather for Gloves

Gloves have been used since long for their practicality as well as fashion. Leather gloves have served both purposes. The most common are sheepskin and calf skin glove. Gloves also come with fur so that they are more comfortable.

Why Leather is used for Jackets

Leather jackets have been around for centuries. They are quite an epitome of fashion combined with utility. Windproof, highly durable and sophisticated what more does one need! They symbolize a great fashion sense. There are many varieties available from the humble Bomber leather jacket, to the Fierce Biker leather jacket. You can also get the Studded to go a class apart from conventional. There is no apparel that exhibits the same level of versatility as the leather jacket.
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Well, the usage of leather is not restricted to the above. There are many other things that leather is used for. It is one material that is hugely resourceful.