All About Suede Leather Jackets

December 13, 2021 3 min read

All About Suede Leather Jackets

The use of animal skins by human beings dates back to pre-historic times. But the use of suede is a later creation. The term suede comes from the French phrase ‘gants de Suede’, ‘gloves from Sweden’. During the eighteenth century, Swedish tanners discovered that faulty hides could also be put to use by reversing them, and using the napped underside instead. When the hide is divided, the leather that is obtained as a result is exceedingly soft and supple, ideal for making the exquisite soft gloves that the French high society valued at the time. The buckskin jackets created by North American Indians, with highly advanced tanning methods devised by them are the apparent motivation for our latest suede jackets.

Suede gained popularity among haute couture fashion designers in the twentieth century thanks to its softness and delicacy, that permitted it to be cut and used like cloth. Suede jackets became a luxury item rather than just a daily utility due to the soft touch.

Suede jackets made their way into established fashion in the years after that, as a one-of-a-kind wardrobe piece that is always a pleasure to wear.

Suede in actuality

Suede is the inner side of a tanned animal skin. When the leather is split separating the top grain, the suede that is obtained is napped on either sides and this makes it lighter and increases its pliability. Any hide can be used for making Suede except for the thicker hides, such as cow hide, that give a rough nap and so the favored hides are sheep, calf and deer.


Faux-suede Jacket

Faux-suede jackets are made from polyester microfibers. They are less expensive than genuine suede and are more resistant to damp and stains. People who do not want to buy animal goods prefer them. Polyester microfibers are a major pollutant and have a negative impact on the environment. Faux suede is not biodegradable and cannot be considered environmentally friendly.

Comparing Suede Jacket with a Leather Jacket

Suede jackets are sought after for their lightness, softness, and opulence of texture. Even though they are far more durable than cloth, they cannot compare to the durability of a leather jacket. A leather jacket for men is highly utilitarian and can be worn every day and with good care will last a lifetime, on the other hand a suede jacket speaks extravagance and should be reserved only for special occasions. Mens Suede Jackets are significantly more permeable than leather, making it more susceptible to staining and less waterproof.



As far as the water proofing capacity of suede jacket is concerned it is likely to have been proofed to make it more resistant to water, but this does not make it an apparel that should be worn in the rain. Suede’s luxurious texture is due to it being porous hence to retain its texture it can never be made waterproof.

Durability of a Suede Jacket

A suede jacket can last a lifetime if provided proper care, but it will not withstand the kind of abuse that a high-quality leather jacket can. A suede jacket is a luxury item, and not meant for rough everyday purposes. A suede jacket is stain-prone and more easily torn than leather though it may not wear out like cloth. Hence it is crucial to follow appropriate care when investing in suede.

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