What to look for in a leather jacket and How to wear It?

December 09, 2021 3 min read

What to look for in a leather jacket and How to wear It?

Why is a Leather Jacket perfect for all?

With fashion witnessing so many changes and alterations year after year we see new trends emerging rapidly causing many apparels to be discarded very soon. This has caused a huge amount of damage to then environment. But when you talk of leather particularly leather jackets, they have been a perfect example of fashion that has been around for a century, and is still going strong and shall continue to do so without losing its charm. A leather jacket with right care and maintenance is sure to last a long time. So, when it comes to the environment it is surely environment friendly.

A leather jacket is an apparel that is highly useful and it is made of natural, organic material. It is actually made of skin and is breathable. This is something that makes it very comfortable. The appearance of Leather just improves with aging unlike any other material. Also, it is available in so many styles and designs that there is one available no matter what the occasion. A leather jacket can be styled in so many ways and is so classic that it can never go out of fashion. All these make it an investment worth making.
Well, if you still do not have one or are confused as to how to style it, we are here for you. When selecting a leather jacket there are some things that you need to consider and we will walk you through them.

How well it fits

Leather jackets are made using a variety of hides. If you are opting for a leather jacket made using cowhide it becomes very uncomfortable to wear if it is tight. Whereas one made of a lighter material such as sheepskin or lambskin molds with your body and you can get a snug fit when buying one. But remember that it is an apparel that is layered hence do not buy the one that is tight.

The various styles to choose from:
The most standard forms:

Bomber jackets and Racer jackets are usually the most standard forms of leather jackets that come without a collar and are surely good when you do not want to experiment with your look and look great without investing too many efforts.

Studded Leather jackets

Studded leather jackets have just the perfect badass bling and help impress a fashion statement that is a class apart.

Leather Jacket with Spikes

Spiked jackets are the most extraordinary version of fashion. Though not an apparel for everyday wear it is best for occasional wear and is sure to make you noticed.
The above are just a few but there are a host of others available.

Worried about what to pair your leather jacket with?

Leather Jacket is an extremely versatile apparel and can be styled with many other apparels.
Combining it with Jeans well it is a match made in heaven. Nothing as classic as the combination! Wearing it with a T shirt you can never be wrong. Want to wear it to your office you can always trust the classic bomber. Want to take the rough terrain you can always do it in style with a motorcycle leather jacket. But do not forget your protective gear. You can also opt for bold colors if you want something other than conventional. Formal or casual leather jacket is good for all.
Parties, celluloids and ramps leather jackets have proved their popularity everywhere. No wardrobe is complete with it.