What Happens to leather When it Gets Wet?

January 07, 2022 2 min read

What Happens to leather When it Gets Wet?

Your leather jacket or valuable leather laptop bag may be your favorite thing to wear to work. But sometimes you encounter situations such as the sun will shine in the morning and you won't even consider taking an umbrella with you, but as evening approaches it might begin to rain. So, what happens next? If you're in love with leather, you're well aware that water can wreak havoc on real leather. We won't let you part with your favorite thing without a struggle, though. If it's been damaged by water, here's what you can do to revive it.

What Should You Do If Your Leather Has Been Damaged by Rain?

Even though leather can withstand small amounts of water droplets, if your jacket has been saturated due to a storm, the first thing you should do is gently tap dry it with the aid of a piece of cloth. Permit it to dry completely at ambient temperature. You may also use the leather cleaner to get rid of any dust or filth. Apply the leather conditioner with your hand or a dry piece of cloth once it's completely dry. It will prevent the leather from stiffening. Hang your leather jacket for a couple of hours to allow the conditioner to permeate completely.

How Do You Restore Leather That Has Been Damaged by Water?

Water can create unsightly stains on your leather goods, especially if they're dark. If that's the case, take a dry cloth and immerse it in lukewarm water before gently rubbing it on the spot once it's completely dry. If it doesn't work, produce a cleaning solution by mixing leather cleanser with water and rubbing it in. After the leather has dried, apply conditioner. When leather items get wet, one of the most common mistakes individuals do is exposing them to the sun. Keep in mind that too much heat can cause more harm than benefit.

When leather becomes wet, does it shrink?

Some people intentionally shrink their leather clothing to make it fit better with water. And yes does happen.
When your leather jacket gets wet, it can shrink. The use of a hairdryer or exposing your wet leather jacket to the sun is a popular misunderstanding. In fact, using heat on damp leather can shrink it down to a size Small from a size Medium. In order to avert a potentially disastrous situation, keep your priceless premium leather items out of the water.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Moisture from Leather?

That is the difficult part. Leather is essentially animal skin that requires moisture to a certain extent to maintain its structure and texture. A lot of dampness, on the other hand, might damage the leather. So, if your jacket becomes wet, make sure to tap dry all of the excess water before letting it air dry. The use of a hair dryer or hanging it in direct sunlight might cause cracking and tearing.


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