All About PU Leather

January 07, 2022 3 min read

All About PU Leather

Buying leather goods is not an easy task unless you have knowledge about leather, you need to know that you can't ask for a leather jacket, bag, or shoes without being familiar with the many types, grades, and finishes that leather is available in. It is really important to make the best decision possible. Some individuals find it difficult to distinguish between real and synthetic leather since manufacturers can do such a good job that you can't tell the difference.

When it comes to artificial leather, PU, often known as synthetic or fake leather, is a polyurethane-based copy of real leather. It's a type of material that feels like leather but in no way has is related to the animal hide. Vegan leather is sometimes known as PU leather, and it is becoming increasingly popular among a certain demographic. It's also sometimes combined with actual leather to create fashion items that look beautiful but, of course, do not possess the durability of leather.

What Is PU Leather Created from And How can it be Recognized?

PU leather is a type of artificial leather that falls within a broad category. This type is constructed of materials other than animal hide, such as plant leaves, plastic or polyurethane, and so forth. There are a variety of methods for determining the difference between PU and real leather, but you must scrutinize carefully because the quality and precision with which fake leather is manufactured is out there to trick you.

Because of the materials utilised, the biggest point of difference you will notice is that PU is comparably less expensive. Real leather, as against this, can be costly depending on the animal hide's grade and finish.
If you've ever noticed that your leather jacket has a distinct odour that won't go away, it's a hallmark of genuine leather. PU leather has a distinct odour, but the smell is more like chemicals and plastic, and it may fade over time.
Another way to determine is the water test. Well, we are not at all suggesting you to submerge your jacket or bag in water to ensure if it is real. Real leather products when accidentally exposed to a small bit of water, will absorb it. One of the qualities of real leather is this. Water droplets, on the other hand, will sit on the surface of PU leather or just slide off, but they will not be absorbed.
The texture of real and PU leather is another significant distinction. Real leather has flaws on the surface like wrinkles and stretch marks, whereas PU is unwrinkled and homogeneous.

Cleaning PU Leather

When it comes to cleaning PU leather is easier to clean than real leather. The majority of the dust and stains can be cleaned with a moist cloth and water or a leather cleaner. Avoid using a washing machine to clean your PU leather. If you're not sure how to clean it at yourself, it is best to have it dry cleaned by a professional. Because PU is constructed of chemicals and plastic, there's no need for the application of a moisturiser or leather conditioner after it's been washed. The leather can be dried with a hair dryer.
When it comes to the advantages of PU leather, the lower cost is undoubtedly the most appealing of all factors. Some people favour short-lived fashion clothes that they can be replaced after a while over expensive products that last a lifetime. Furthermore, PU leather is easier to clean because it is not affected by water, dust or heat.
In terms of drawbacks, it smells like chemicals and has a fairly uniform surface that readily reveals the artificial textured look. The low rates are due to the fact that it does not last as long as real leather. Because the plastic components do not degrade, it is extremely harmful to the environment.

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