There is no weather to wear a leather jacket, but the real question here is how should we know about the quality of leather jacket. Some of the factors for determining the quality of leather jackets are as follows:

1) Leather
Most of us thinks that the higher the price the better the quality of leather will be, However this is not true. The quality of the leather depends on animals and how they are raised. We get our leather from bestest of the animal farmers. 

2) Stitching
Stitching is the main factor when it comes to the beauty of  leather jackets. It is the utmost desirable detail as it gives a visual puch to the leather jacket, At NYCLEATHERJACKETS we are highly concerned about the stitching because we want to give our customer the perfect end product. 

3) Linings
Jackets that are cheaper have low quality synthetic linings in their garments. Synthetic linings are usually cheaper and tear down easily. We use Cotton and Polyster Lining in making our leather jackets.