Best Ways to Prevent Your Leather Jacket from Sun Damage

June 01, 2022 3 min read

sunlight on leather jacket


The leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways. It will never go out of style and it is an item that you can wear for years to come. There are many different types of leather jackets, but the most common ones are those that are made from cowhide and lambskin. The most popular way to wear one is with jeans, or any other type of denim trousers, but it can also be worn with skirts or dresses for a more feminine look.

Since leather jackets for men and women are absolutely classic and at times expensive, it is important to protect it. Sunlight is something that will affect your leather jacket adversely. This article is about the damage from sunlight on leather jackets, what causes it and how you can prevent it.

Effects of Sunlight on Leather Jacket

The sun is a powerful force, and it can damage your leather jacket if you don’t take care of it. Leather is actually skin that has undergone tanning so that different goods can be created from it. And just like our skin, leather is a natural material that absorbs light, heat and moisture. The sun's ultraviolet rays are the most common cause of damage to leather products. The sun's ultraviolet rays can break down the collagen in your leather, making it dry, brittle and stiff. This will make your jacket look old and worn out. The sun can change the color of your leather jacket, cause cracking or wrinkles.

Safeguarding your leather jacket from Sunlight

One way to protect your leather jackets and other damaging effects of sunlight is to use a UV protector spray or cream on your jacket before you wear it outside. This will protect your jacket from the sun's damaging effects by adding a layer of protection between your jacket and the sun's ultraviolet rays.

To keep your jacket in good condition, follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Protect your jacket from direct sunlight by storing it in a dark closet or in a room with curtains drawn to block the sun's ultraviolet rays.

2) Apply a protective cream to the surface of the leather every six months to protect against UV rays that can cause cracking or fading.

3) Store the jacket in an air-tight bag when not wearing it to prevent moisture from building up on

Dealing with the effects of sun-damage on leather

If your jacket is showing signs of sun damage, there are certain course of actions that can help fix this. If your jacket has become stiff, you can make it soft by applying a leather conditioner on it. A leather conditioner softens stiff leather and makes it supple. If your leather jacket is suffering from faded color, you can dye your jacket again.


It is absolutely essential to protect your leather jacket from sunlight and you have to take proper care and maintenance measures. It is easy and can be done by applying wax and appropriate storage. It is very important to apply a leather conditioner as this helps restore its condition and prevent further damage.  All these measures will increase the life of your leather jacket and ensure it helps you look fabulous for great many years.