Why are Leather Jackets High-Priced?

February 04, 2022 2 min read

Women Wearing Expensive Fur Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are pricey not "simply because," but for very specific causes! Let’s go through them.

Real Leather Is expensive

When it comes to real leather it is hugely different from faux leather. The material says it all. Real top-grain cowhide or sheep leather is expensive because there is a diligent process of finding getting the right animal hide and transforming it into wearable leather. Phew! This process is called tanning.

Leather can be tanned with either a vegetable or a chrome tan. One piece of leather can take around 40 days to tan with these methods!

As a result, the material of the jacket has a significant role in determining the price of a leather jacket. With all the efforts invested real bomber leather jackets for men will apparently be more costly.

Real Leather Jackets Are Handmade

Men's Stitching Leather

Machine production means mass manufacturing which implies lower cost of production. But with high-quality leather jackets this is not what can be done. Each leather jacket is created, which means that it takes huge efforts and work on the part of the artisans to create each high-quality handcrafted jacket.
Surprising but at times it can take up to a week for your coveted leather jacket to be ready!

The Most Ideal Hardware

The word "luxury" is synonymous to leather jackets. Not only the material but also the hardware is the finest materials as your jacket is crafted for long term use.

Luxury Leather Jacket

Luxury jackets are built with easy-to-use zippers and a soft lining. These add-ons ensure that each jacket serves its purpose right.
If you’re looking to buy a leather jacket that is actually high quality.

So, where do you go to acquire your leather jacket?

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