Standard Leather Jackets and Stretch Leather Jackets

May 28, 2022 2 min read

Standard Leather Jackets and Stretch Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is a coat made from leather. It was initially created to serve the purposes of protection and was usually worn for protection against the cold, or as part of a uniform. But these jackets rapidly became quite popular with general population and were worn for fashion purposes. There is no wonder that leather jackets became favourite of many and still continue to be the same with their vogue just increasing with time.

These jackets can be easily paired with many outfits and make you look great. If you want to create an impression then you should certainly get a lambskin leather jacket if you do not own one.

One more added benefits of leather jackets that is they are available in many styles such as the bomber, motorcycle, quilted and hooded and many more. Choose a design or style that suits your personality. Each style has a distinct appearance.

Standard leather jackets and Stretch leather jackets

There are two main types of leather jackets: standard and stretch. Standard leather is the traditional material for these jackets, whereas stretch is a newer material and is used lately. It is less stiff than standard leather.

Standard leather jackets are jackets made of real leather. Real leather is obtained from animal hide. The animal hide is treated and tanned to convert it into the material that can be used for crafting leather goods. Real leather is durable and soft. Commonly used animal hides include lambskin, cowhide and sheepskin.

Stretch leather jackets are a type of jacket that is made out of an elastic material. The jackets are usually made from a combination of materials such as cotton, polyester, spandex and nylon. The different materials are mixed together to create a fabric that can stretch and conform to the body's shape without losing its shape. Stretch jackets were originally created for people who needed to wear clothes while they were exercising. They were also popular with people who had to work outdoors.

Benefits of Standard leather

The benefits of (real) genuine leather jackets are numerous - they last longer, they are more durable in extreme weather conditions, they don't get ruined by water or oil spills. They are breathable and regulate body heat efficiently. They give you extra protection. They protect you against the rough elements of weather. They also provide protection on the rough terrain, the best example being biker jackets. Leather jackets can adapt to your shape. 

Real leather jackets are classic and this cannot be disputed. Leather is not a passing fad. It does not go out of fashion. Leather jackets have never lost their position in the fashion world since its arrival a century ago. Last but not the least, real leather has a unique woody fragrance that is pleasant. Synthetic materials have a strange smell of chemicals.


There is nothing like a real leather jacket. It is an epitome of utility and fashion combined in one. The timelessness and sophistication offered by it is just what one needs to make heads turn. Just ensure to put in proper care and your real leather jacket is sure to go a long way.