All about Cruiser Leather Jackets

May 23, 2022 2 min read

All about Cruiser Leather Jackets


Cruiser leather jackets are a style of mens motorcycle leather jacket that originated in the 1950s. They were initially made from thick, tough cowhide and come with a distinctive design that features a wide lapel, contrasting panels, and no collar.

Though there were designed for motorcycle riders, their popularity spread far and wide and became quite popular with the general people as well who had nothing to do with motorcycle. They are now worn by men and women and have established themselves as iconic fashion favourites. It is often worn with black jeans or trousers, boots or shoes with laces, and a T-shirt underneath.

Benefits of a Cruiser Leather Jacket

A cruiser leather jacket is a great investment for the winter. It will protect you from the harsh weather and keep you warm. Jackets made using real leather are also very durable, so it will last for a long time.

Cruiser jackets are timeless. They are something that will always be in trend. They can easily make you look great without much efforts on your part. Also, you can get your leather jackets customized so that you do not have to worry about the fit as the correct fit plays an important role in the overall look.

How to Find the Right Cruiser Leather Jacket for Your Needs

A cruiser leather jacket is a type of motorcycle jacket that was originally designed for long distance riders. These jackets are designed to be rugged, durable and comfortable. They can be used for both riding and as a casual outerwear.

You should consider the following aspects before you purchase one:

The material of the jacket: It should be made from high quality leather or other materials that are suitable for motorcycle riders.

The fit: Cruiser jackets come in different sizes and shapes so you need to buy one that fits your body type well. You should also try it on before you buy it to avoid any surprises later on.

The color: Cruiser jackets come in different colors so you need to choose one that matches your style and personality best.

The features: Features such as pockets, the quality of lining and the hardware such as zips used need to be considered.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Cruiser jackets are great investment pieces. But ensure to buy ones that are made of real leather if you want to enjoy the benefits and features offered by it. A customized cruiser jacket is best as it will ensure that the fit is perfect. Besides the standard black and brown you can opt for ones in different colors like green and red. Cruiser leather jackets are that it is warm, durable and stylish. They are truly an essential for all.