The Future Of Leather Jackets - Studs

July 21, 2020 3 min read

The Future Of Leather Jackets - Studs

“Tell me about it, Stud”

The origin of leather jackets can be traced back in the early 1900s when flyers and members of the military wore brown leather flight jackets. During the Second World War, the outfit became known as Bomber jackets and was heavily insulated and prized for their warmth. The jacket was often part of an overall uniform-ensemble meant to protect bomber pilots from exposure to the extreme climate conditions found at high altitudes and to offer the warmth.

The Stud Revolution

 In the latter part of the 20th century, the leather jacket gained a sense of acceptance and became common with Hollywood's unparalleled link. More popularity came to this garment since many of the stars started donning leather jackets in their movies. Soon leather jackets were known by stars to better portray their fierce character's reputation in a movie.
 Momentarily the rebel of experimenting with womens leather jackets started by giving it new shapes, colours, and accessorizing them with studs and spikes to give it a modern approach. Soon studded leather jackets became a staple of punk culture. Many rock bands and people inspired by the punk culture set out donning the studded leather jackets thus creating history.

All Things Studs and spikes!

 A Studded leather jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing man has ever designed and created. The aura of a Studded leather jacket is boundless. There isn’t a woman in this world that doesn’t want to own herself a leather jacket. Women know that every penny saved is a step closer to earning herself the dream leather jacket. A Genuine leather jacket is a pricy affair but, it is once in a lifetime asset. And it’s better to invest your money in a timeless studded leather Jacket than save it for a rainy day. When it comes to experimenting, nobody can beat the fashion genie in women. They know how to look stylish without trying hard.
 Studs and spikes were used to accessorize the leather jacket and as a means of protection. Since studs and spikes give out the message loud and clear about the user's bold yet stylish persona. Many goth women used studded leather jackets as a staple for their panache. And soon it became a trend as a variety of stud and spike designs were created with the purpose of embellishing on the leather jacket and people also started experimenting with different colours.
If you do not own one and you are looking out for reasons to wear a Studded Leather Jacket then, here are some

Be a Rock star

If you think that only a Rock star can carry a studded timeless leather jacket you are wrong my friend. You do not need to be a Rock star to own yourself a studded leather jacket. With the wide and wild collections at NYC Leather Jackets grab your style and be your own Rock star.

Wear stars on your body

Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered to catch-all those stars and wear it on? Yes, you can wear all those stars lovely women. With the timeless star-studded leather jacket, you will surely be grabbing all the glares around and make you feel like a star.

It’s never out of order

You will never be off beam when wearing a studded leather jacket. Style it with a pair of jeans or wear it over your little black dress it's just perfect. A Studded leather jacket is a seamless ornamentation to your looks.

Every woman’s need

Women know the need for a constant companion in life, someone who's always to the rescue, lifelong bond, makes your friends jealous, provides safety, and keeps you warm. And this is exactly what a studded leather jacket does. So, you know girls what you need.

It's Vintage

We all know that a leather jacket is a timeless apparel that never ages. Genuine leather is going to last forever with a little love and care.  Wearing vintage apparel says a lot without you actually saying. It’s a masterpiece.
let us know what’s your reason to wear a studded leather jacket?