December 28, 2022 2 min read

Nubuck leather is a type of leather that is made from the outer side of the skin. This type of leather has a distinctive, velvety nap on one side.

Nubuck comes from the French word "noueux" which means "knobby". Nubuck is created by brushing the skin with a buffing machine or by using a napping machine to make it appear velvety.

The process of nubuck making was invented in 1817 by Nicholas-Louis Durand, who was an apprentice to Charles Goodyear.

Nubuck leather was originally made of deer hide hence the name.

But nubuck leather is no longer restricted to deer hide. But nubuck leather is now made of other types of animal hides such as cow and sheep hides.

How is Nubuck Leather made

Nubuck leather is a type of leather that has a napped finish, which is created by brushing the surface with sandpaper or other materials. The grain layer is kept intact without separating it. It is often used for footwear because it has a lower maintenance cost and it's more durable than suede.

Advantages of Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather has many advantages over other types of leather, such as its low maintenance cost, durability and comfort.


Nubuck belongs to top-grain leather. The grain is not split and the layer is sanded and buffed this makes it stronger, more durable and typically thicker than other types of leather. It can last for years without any major issues.


There are many reasons why people choose nubuck leather. The first one being that it is soft to the touch and very easy to maintain.

It is slightly fuzzy which is similar to suede, and this is what distinguishes it from materials. It is softer to the touch. Nubuck can also be dyed any color without affecting the texture of the material.

Ease of Maintenance

Nubuck leather can be easily maintained by regular cleaning and conditioning. You can easily prevent the accumulation of dust and debris by regular cleaning. With cleaning it is also important to condition the nubuck leather once every few months to maintain its softness and suppleness.

Highly Comfortable

Nubuck leather is soft and comfortable as lambskin leather jackets. It is not rough or scratchy. It has a super-soft texture due to napped, fuzzy surface.

Owing to the high comfort it offers, nubuck leather is commonly used to make fashion accessories. But it’s use is much beyond that, car seats, sofas and other types of furniture are also made of nubuck leather.


It you want something that is highly durable without any compromise on style and sophistication than nubuck leather is just what you need. NYC Leather Jackets provide jackets made of nubuck leather will be long-lasting and sure to make heads turn. Just remember to clean and condition it appropriately and you sure will never be disappointed with it.